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Film & Video Services

Providing a Range of
Commercial & Creative Services

The medium of film has the power to fuse moving images and sound to draw certain emotions from its audience. Our job is to convey positive feelings within the viewer and forms a lasting connection with the brand.

We accomplish this by creating content of high production value in a manner that’s cost-effective.



As one of our clients so aptly put it:

We make a dollar look like five

An effective media campaign that utilizes online and traditional platforms creates public awareness of the value of your brand, making your company stand out among the competition.




We will start the project by meeting with you to learn about your company and about your goals. Based on this, we will create a project plan that needs to be accepted by you. We will also write a manuscript that we can change and improve until you are satisfied with it.


Once you are happy with the film content, it’s time to add voice and music/sound effects. We also have a large network of talented voiceover actors at our disposal..



In step two, all the necessary film material will be shot. We will either film on location or on set. The first proposal will be presented and you will be able to make comments and suggestions regarding the film content.


Your media will be delivered to you as complete. We will also create a Youtube account where you can show your new film combined with, for example, Facebook.


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