About Us & Why We are
The Best For the Job

Nowadays filmmaking has become accessible since nearly everyone has a camcorder in their pocket. Yet it still remains an elusive artform that’s difficult to execute.

From birth we’ve been bombarded with enough visual media that our own instincts help us tell the good from the bad. The problem with bad filmmaking is that the average person doesn’t know exactly WHY it’s bad nor HOW to fix it.

If you’ve made here however, then you’re one of the few who get it. You know that a competent filmmaker must conquer four things that normally don’t fit well together – financial planning, problem solving, technical ability and artistic expression. 

At La Scene, we help you navigate this rocky road called filmmaking by demystifying the entire process. As a full-service operation, our video production staff takes you through the development, pre-production, filming, post-production and distribution of your media assets.

You deserve not only to have YOUR story told but a tailored media strategy to deliver the results that you need.

The Premiere

Film & TV Production Company

                 in Greensboro, NC


201 Cloverbrook Drive
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